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Our planet in Balance

EcoBalance is the key issue in the current climate discussion and in saving our planet:

Since the past 10.000 years our planet and mankind has been able to develop thanks to stable climate conditions. The depletion of fossil fuels, CO2 emissions and the significant t° increase (the so called hockey stick) are a threat to our precarious ecologic and economic balance.

An increasing world population (9 billiard people estimated by 2050), an increasing middle class in developing countries, increasing energy consumption and loss of biodiversity all over the world need courageous actions and smart solutions to keep our planet in balance and to provide a bright future for our next generations.

Our company, EcoBalance, aims to contribute to this balance by offering technology, products and services contributing to a sustainable development of energy supply and energy savings. As well we aim to invest in projects contributing to a more sustainable world, based on proven technology and providing attractive returns to investors.

We invite you to have a walk through our virtual better world and to discover a selection of smart, innovative products and services.

In case we can help you to contribute to your ecological and economic targets, please feel free to contact us.

Servaas Van Den Noortgate, Managing Partner